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Meat sweats. It needs air to stay in prime condition, and to age properly. What does a good piece of beef look like? Ask your butcher questions, Turner adds. Such as? My favourites are Longhorn, Galloway, Dexter and Angus.

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Shoulder 1 is a good choice for lamb too, alongside rack 2 a row of unseparated chops, basically , chump 3 and, of course, leg 4. What should you look out for at the butchers? This is critical to the flavour of the meat, as the fat melts during cooking to make the meat juicy and tasty. So what should you buy for the best flavour?

  • Large Topside Joint of Beef (Serves 8-10).
  • 2 X Native Breed Beef Picanha Roasts?
  • Forerib on the Bone?
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Rare breed, says Jasper Aykroyd, the chef-turned-curing-expert known as the Bacon Wizard. Two of the more common breeds are Gloucestershire Old Spot and Duroc, and — if you can get hold of them — Berkshire pigs are incredible for roasting. It helps that rare breed pigs are typically raised in good conditions. Chefs and butchers all agree that happy, healthy pigs make for tastier meat.

This is particular true of the hours and minutes just before slaughter, where stress can spoil the flavour and texture of the meat. The best stuff you can get has been roaming around in woodland.

Morrisons slashes prices of its topside beef joints from £11 to £7 per kg

Fat is essential to a good pork roast, he adds, basting the meat as it cooks and improving the flavour. Which cuts are best for roasting?

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It has both kinds of fat — the solid one on the top, which produces lovely crackling, and the marbling within the muscle. I also love pork belly. For a start, our welfare standards are ahead of the curve as far as Europe is concerned. Close Search. Next day delivery UK mainland reviews 4. Organic Beef Joints Nothing says indulgent Sunday dinner like a succulent beef roasting joint.

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Organic Fillet of Beef. Organic Smoked Rolled Neck of Beef. View info Add to Basket. Organic Beef Chateaubriand. Organic Cooked Beef Silverside. Organic Cooked Beef Topside.

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Organic Beef Brisket. Organic Beef Sirloin Joint. Organic Beef Top Rump Joint.

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Organic Beef Rump Roast. Organic Beef Aitch Bone. View info.