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Formul A, the primary choice of vehicle manufacturers, is specially designed to meet and even go beyond all requirements of modern-day vehicles. ─░nci Battery Stationary Stationary batteries are special batteries designed to be used with uninterrupted power supply systems for prevention of stop caused by sudden power failure and stands by as power supply to activate just when required to prevent any cut-off.

They provide maximum-performance with plates specif ically reinforced for boats and caravans, ensuring high starting power.

Get Your Battery Tested

These batteries are also strengthened to support extra equipments. Another option is to purchase a car battery from a local retailer that usually comes with free installation. These auto shops below will also test your current battery at no charge regardless of where it was purchased, and this service carries no obligation:. Buying a car battery from Costco not only can save you a lot of money but also giving your new battery extra months of warranty. Car Batteries at Costco Costco only carries one brand of car batteries, Interstate Batteries, one of the oldest makers of batteries for automotive use, at a very competitive price as expected.

From full-service to DIY installation, get your car going again

Warranty Interstate Brand batteries sold at Costco warehouses carry a limited free replacement warranty to the original purchaser. How to Purchase Car Batteries from Costco Before heading to a warehouse, the best thing you can do it to make sure that particular warehouse carries the car battery that you need. If they have your battery in-stock, head to the warehouse and purchase the battery.

How to Install a Car Battery by Yourself Once you received your new battery, the next step is to replace your old battery with the new one you purchased from Costco.

The 10 Best Car Batteries to Buy - Auto Quarterly

Using a wrench, remove cover or wedge that keeps the battery in place. Disconnect the old battery from your car by removing the battery terminal cables. Using a wrench, loosen up the nuts and bolts that hold the terminal cables. Once all the terminals are completely removed, you should be able to easily separate the battery from your car.

Gently lift out the old battery from the engine bay and put in the new battery. Start your car. If the engine starts, then you have successfully installed it. If not, ensure everything is connected properly.

Batteries and Accessories

These auto shops below will also test your current battery at no charge regardless of where it was purchased, and this service carries no obligation: Advanced Auto Parts Advanced Auto Parts sells AutoCraft brand batteries. They will test your current battery at no charge regardless of where it was purchased and install the new one for free. Autozone Autozone sells Duralast brand batteries. Firestone Firestone sells Interstate brand batteries.